Our Story

I don’t pretend to know you, because the reality is I don’t. I don’t know your likes or dislikes, I don’t know your future goals, and I don’t know your name. But I do know one thing about you, and that is that you came here. And that is enough. Because now I know we share one common thing – our sufferings and our hope for a cure. And it is these things that unite people.

However, we have so much more.  We have each other.  And nothing can be so powerful as a people united together for an important cause. Now we can laugh and we can smile. And it is the most illustrious thing in the world. Because now it means something. Now it is real.

And this is what our “shout” is about. To educate people about NMO, yes, but in reality it is something much bigger. It is joining forces. It is becoming one. Because on our own we may be weak, but together, we can be something more. We can lean on each other and we can know there are others behind. And that is what counts in the end. That is what matters.